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February 09, 2008



There is a big difference I see between Franchise and Corporate offices.


I work for corporate office. New tax pros are required at least 40 hours of in class training, and returning pros min. of 35 a year. Ya, we all start at 7.50 an hr plus commisions, but then how much you can make is pretty much up to you. Your hourly rate and rate per returns, because the more complex return require more training, is based on how many hrs of training you take. So in three years now I have taken enough classes and online classes, of course passing all the test, to make 17.63 an hour to just be there,and avg. of 40.00 an hour when preparing a return. If you want you can work and take class all the way up to enrolled agent which in 3 months can earn approx 30,000. We have a year round office, and there are also other field such as office leader, branch manager, or office manager. There are 17 stores in our district.

Scot Justice


Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it.

I'm curious, what service do you work for?


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